Eternal Return.
Absolute Enlightenment.
Complete Victory

Let us now reunite what formerly has been split asunder. For the love of knowledge and pursuit of the spiritual were once as one people travelling on one road. But the road forked, and the people quarrelled and disagreed, and took different turns. And as they journeyed, some said their path was freedom, others enslavement. How could they have foreseen that each road led to one destination, to one home; one truth; one good; one freedom?

Let us now consider what has been hard won from the paths that have brought us here: gov is the author of all that is true, all that is good, all that is free. To know this is to know truth. To be this is to be good. To live this is to live free.

Let us now converse in the knowledge and spirit of GOV. For GOV says:

“To speak, first listen.
To listen, remain silent.
In silence, find speech”.

So listen, and we will listen with you.
Be silent, and we will be silent with you.
And in silence we will speak for all.

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